Save the Bees

So as a side project we also raise a few honey bees.  We remove honey bee swarms in the Laramie area and also will remove hives when they have set up residence in the walls or ceiling of your home.   This is a tricky process but we have the equipment and knowledge to get it done. If you have honey bees that are mysteriously showing up inside your house give us a call and we can help to figure out what is going on and how to safely and efficiently remove the hive and put it in a place it can prosper and not bother anyone.  If you have other types of pollinators that need to be relocated contact us.  If its not something we are set up to deal with then we probably know who can.

This hive was in a second story wall using a hole that was made by woodpeckers.  It was safety removed and given a new home.