This is a page of home remedies that can be used in the event of a spider bite or an insect sting, these remedies are in no way medical advise and for all I know they are old wives tales, exept that i have used them and they do work.

Laramie urgent care center is equip to handled spider bites, their phone # is (307) 460-2305.and if you think for a second you need an ambulance then call 911

the great thing about the remedies listed below is there arnt side effects and if you do something wrong it just will not work. but nothing will get worse from the attempt.   so experiment away!!!


putting vinegar and salt in a small cup, ( like a lid from a water bottle) use a teaspoon of salt and add vinegar until the consistency is a paste, spread in on the bite, cover with a band-aid.  ( this will also work for stings)

putting baking soda on a bite will pull any moisture away and out of the bite, this will also pull the poison from the bite back out, it will only work if applied immediately after the bite. ...p.s. it will also hurt alot.

For Itching bites put Listerine mouth wash on them, the itch will stop emediatly. Not sure if the original or the mint works better ( i doubt it matters) 

putting a tea bag on a bite will pull out the poison, ( i haven't tried this) I assume the tea bag needs to be wet,.. and I thing your supposed to use green tea.

Wasps, bees and things that sting

stings cause a reaction with air that results in swelling, covering a sting with butter, honey or even a paste of mud will seal the sting from the air and the swelling will be less severe.

the vinegar and salt treatment listed to the left will help to draw some of the poison from the sting out and reduce swelling as well.