Hawkons pest control offers services that are approved for the restaurant and hotel industries, food safe and guest safe products that can give you the peace of mind of having the issues solved and allow you to continue to serve your customers needs.   We understand that a cockroach on your floor can have a very negative effect on your business, and no one wants a fly in their beer. let us give you peace of mind and you never need to worry about an embarrassing situation from the insect world.
 Whether its scheduled services, or incidental needs, we are your one stop shop to get problems solved and business back to normal.

 Need pest services at remote sites? We offer services for electronic and fiber optic equipment, tower shelters, Pump control buildings and any remote site facilities. We offer scheduled service and pest clean out, odor elimination services and mouse proofing. Our technicians are trained on the needs of electronic equipment and how to safely  clean equipment cabinets and shelters.

We also offer weed control to consolidate your contractor needs.