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Hawkons is a complete pest control service, we offer everything from commercial repetitive treatments to residential issues,meeting  your needs are our goal. 

We offer free estimates, our goal is to talk to you and find out your exact needs and find you the most cost effective solution to getting those needs met. Click here to fill out a service request form.We understand that by the time you call us you are at the end of your rope, and need the issue solved quickly and safely.  We focus on eliminating you problems while not putting you, your family or your pets at risk from harsh chemicals. We study and develop products that we use to keep your family safe and pest free.           We will discuss what products we are going to use and how they will cause the desired effect.

  Customer service is our Goal,

 We treat everything from Bed Bugs to Pigeons. Every crawling insect and flying threat you can find in Wyoming. Give us a call today!!       

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 How it all started,

       We were and still have a window washing company here in Laramie, there was an old theater in the downtown area that was abandoned and subsequently the home to a lot of pigeons.  it was knocked down and the pigeons all went searching for new homes. Quite a few of these birds began to make messes on properties for our window washing clients and we were asked to clean up after them. This didn't seem like great fun to us, and pigeon messes are pretty hazardous to ones health, so we figured out how to get the pigeons to stay off our clients buildings..... and so Hawkons Bird Control began. since then we have branched out to helping people with other pest related issues. We started as a very local grass roots company and continue to hold true to those roots today. our reputation is our most valuable asset. we strive to exceed your expectations every chance we have.  thanks for choosing us!!