These annoying little guys are a hot topic in the news these days.  with the Zika virus all over the news, with mosquito control being a touchy topic because of health concerns and the possibility that it can affect honey bees, the whole concept can seem a bit daunting.


    while Zika is super unlikely to ever be an issue in Wyoming

                                                 Getting eaten alive in your backyard is a constant concern.


    How it works,

  We have a formulation that is safe for you and your pets once it is dry, and does'nt smell.....we come and spray your yard and bushes and this will control the mosquito when they settle into the foliage in the evenings. the treatments last about a month.  If the treatments last longer and you want to just do every other month that can work fine too.  We do need to know about schedule changes at least a week before your next treatment. its always best to mow your lawn before the treatments too.

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 if you are looking to this form of control for an event we need to start the treatment 1 week prior to the event and we will customize the treatments for your environment

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